Nimisilla Park: “We Live 2 Love”


Grammy and Dove Award nominated recording artists, D.O.C. (Disciples Of Christ) are back with a new name, Nimisilla Park. Nimisilla Park is where it all started in Ohio for founders Alton Hood and Michael Brown back in the 1990s. The hip-hop veterans have added rock and soul to their trademark sound. The new sound of Nimisilla Park is bold, unapologetic, and melodically infectious. Like the band’s Ohio namesake, Nimisilla Park’s music is a movement — a community. It brings together the broken, the hurting, and the wary with a message of hope and healing.  "Christ has called us to love people where they are. We are intentional about putting love in action. We Live 2 Love.."

Currently, the band is in the studio recording a new album called ‘Conversations’ and is excited to soon be releasing the first single, the emotional '3 Things', a tribute to grandmothers. The band is accepting bookings throughout the southeast to promote the new single and have some fun with their fans who love Nashville football with a remix of their hit battle cry 'Titan 2 Step.'

Nimisilla Park has appeared on WKRN in Nashville, 107.5 The River (WRVW, Nashville), and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon showing off their dance moves and showcasing their incredible talent when it comes to custom songs and what they call "sonic branding". "We like to consider ourselves "brand enhancers." said Alton Lee. Their distinctive songs are characteristic of a faithful community of believers coming together to be a beacon of joy in this troubled world. Jimmy Fallon was delighted with his special song and dance calling 'Jimmy Fallon Dip' "the coolest thing ever!"

 To get your custom song or to book Nimisilla Park, contact them at